Saturday, September 1, 2012

Menu Planning - The Rough Draft Edition

I usually menu plan - loosely - but I think I may need to start being a little bit more rigid about it.  We've had too many "staring at the fridge at 5:00 with no idea what to make for dinner" nights, and it is causing me to stress out.  The days I have it all worked out, I feel really competent, like I am on top of things, and it actually gives me MORE time to do other things, because I don't have to spend that half and hour or so frantically searching for something to feed my family.  Menu planning will also ensure that I don't have odd stuff in the cupboard that I bought on sale, with no idea what I am actually going to do with it.

So, here is my plan -

Breakfast - cereal and milk (kids are out with Grandma this morning, so it is just the baby and me)
Lunch - Leftovers for kids, Spinach salad (with chicken) for me.
Dinner - Italian Bean and Barley soup, homemade French bread

Breakfast - Eggs, bacon, & toast with fruit of some sort (we eat this every Sunday.)
Lunch - Leftovers and sandwiches for the kids who don't want what is offered.
Dinner - Potato Pizza Pie, Carrots and peas, tomato salad (for me)

Monday: Labor Day
Breakfast - Oatmeal with fruit & yogurt mixed in
Lunch - Curried Cauliflower soup with pita bread & hummus
Dinner - At my sister-in-law's house, I'll bring Cottage Cheese and Vegetable salad.

Breakfast - Pancakes with syrup and fruit
Lunch - Pita Bread sandwiches, veggies and yogurt
Dinner - Red Beans and Rice, Fruit

Breakfast - Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch - Cheese Quesadillas, veggies, Black Bean soup
Dinner - Greek Pasta salad, Honey Wheat rolls

Breakfast - Blueberry Applesauce muffins with yogurt and fruit
Lunch - Leftovers and sandwiches, fruit & veggies
Dinner - Salmon, Dill Rice, Carrots and green beans

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch - Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Tomato soup
Dinner - My book club night.  I'll make sure that there are pizzas in the freezer for the hubby and the kids.  They'll appreciate it!

Aaaaand back to
Breakfast: Waffles with syrup and toast
Lunch: Leftovers, salad and sandwiches
Dinner: Split Pea Soup with Ham, homemade French bread