Thursday, August 20, 2009

The First Week

The first week back to school has been bumpy. This is because of a few reasons. First, we haven't really done anything much school-wise all summer. It is pretty hard getting back to a schedule after slacking off for three months or so. Second, my expectations for the the kids have gotten higher. Ace is in Junior high now, so her homework has ratcheted up accordingly. Deuce has fifth grade to navigate, and Three has second grade stuff to do. Plus, Jack has just begun kindergarten work. This leads naturally to third, I'm spreading myself a little thinner. Only a little, though. Ace is pretty much doing her own thing. I poke and prod and keep her on schedule, but mostly she does her own thing.

As for Deuce and Three, it is totally hands on. Especially for Deuce. Don't ask why. She just needs more attention than pretty much anyone I know. Jack has been especially helpful with keeping Four busy. They play pretty nearly constantly outside. So long as they can be out there, they are out there, digging holes all over the yard.

This year Deuce and Three are doing a big geography unit. Deuce was really enjoying finding latitude and longitude of cities around the world. I think I'll just keep throwing this in. It seems to be a fun thing for her.

My goal this year is "No Tears." So far, so good. I wonder how long it will last....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tomorrow's big day!

Tomorrow I begin teaching Ace's AP American Government and Politics class.

My outline looks like this -
Intro Lecture
Subject Matter - Purposes and types of Politics
Group Activity
Go over the homework for first class as an in-class activity
Pop Quiz (yeah, I'm bad)
Let em go.

I've got 2 hours or so to fill. I think it will go pretty fast, though.

Deuce will be minding the ranch. I might pay her.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some Photos from our Vacation

Up in the middle of Wisconsin is a little old farm house. It is owned by my husband's family. Every year we make the trek up there and spend a week or more "roughing it." What I mean by that, is there is no computer, no television, and virtually no cell service. What there is, is a lot of sunshine, fresh air, birds, stars, and playing out in the fields.

Our relative proximity to Oshkosh makes the EAA Museum a must-see. Ace and Deuce flew, this year, in the Young Eagles program. They were very excited and happy about the experience. Both want to make flight a part of their futures.

During our vacation, we also visited a neighboring ostrich farm, an old train, and did a fair amount of letterboxing.

Everyone was relaxed and refreshed and ready to be home for a while after the vacation. And isn't that what vacations are all about anyway?

Too Cute stuff

Two year olds are too cute. I think I've looked at a dozen cute toddler/preschool blogs, with gorgeous photography, terrific crafts and inspired stuff. I feel a little discouraged. Don't get me wrong, I've got the cutest toddler in the world, as well as a really handsome almost 5 year old (did I mention he's got a birthday coming up?) My seven year old is lovely, the 10 year old is adorable, and my nearly grown 12 year old is becoming a breathtaking young woman.

So why the angst? I guess because I am a lazy blogger?

Oh well.