Thursday, June 5, 2008

Having a Heat Wave

Summer seems to have arrived. It is hot today, and luckily we are still in our week away from school, because it isn't an atmosphere that would be easy to study in. As it is, it's been a hard one to even manage getting along with each other and getting the basic day-to-day stuff done. My garden is growing, though.

To date, we have lovely lettuce, arugula, and spinach. The beets are up, as are the carrots, and the swiss chard. I've got some sugar snap peas almost blooming, and we've already been eating at the radishes. The zucchini and acorn squash are up, and there are flowers on the tomatoes and the peppers. The garlic and other herbs are strong and healthy. There's more oregano and mint than I know what to do with. I've also got a lot of healthy weeds. (bleeach!)

The flowers from a few posts ago have really filled in. The garden looks almost tropical. I'll have to get out there with a camera (and also weed it as well.)