Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Renaissance - Day 2

The second day of the Renaissance. This day is pretty light, considering.

Yesterday we began the "Book of Days" project. We continued with them today. Ace is finished, Deuce and Three are still working on theirs. Jack is just coloring the outlines.

Today's subject is Dante. Van Loon's Story of Mankind has a nice introduction of who Dante was. After such introduction, we cut his portrait out and put it in our timeline notebook. Our timeline is a large sketchbook with a black line across the top of it, each page representing 100 years. We put Dante in at 1300 for writing his poem, The Inferno. We've been working on this timeline for several years now. It is something we add to whenever we feel that something "needs" to go into it.

Here are some directions to make your own timeline notebook.
From KnowlegeQuest
From Donna Young
From Sqidoo

Some links to Dante.
Here is the portrait we used.
A pretty neat explanation of the poem.
A pretty easy translation.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure?