Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Renaissance - Giotto

We're continuing on the renaissance, examining the work and artistic influence of Giotto. Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation has a really nice, easy biography. After reading this, we looked at some of his paintings. Then, for a real art appreciation, I gave my kids a little "window" cut into a piece of cardstock that they could put over the picture and draw what was in the window, rather than have them sketch an entire work, which can be overwhelming. Here are the results:

Can you tell the figures
that Ace copied??

Here are Deuce's

She copied one of the little angels kneeling by Mary.

Three of Hearts did two sketches from the Lamentation picture. I helped her with the face on Mary Magdalen.

The angel is a little scribble-y, but I think you can tell which one it is by the pose.

Of course I needed to set a good example, so I did one too.

My dudes were the three amigos to the right of the Roman soldier next to Judas. I think the fellow near the top looks like the husband of a friend of mine. (hah!!)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and learned about how hard it is to make faces look life-like!!


Michelle Habrych said...

We just did Giotto in co-op class. We made paints like he might have, from egg yolk mixed with ground up chalk and 2 T. water. It was cool! (Got idea from "Discovering Great Artists" by MaryAnn Kohl

Sharon said...

I can imagine "painting with foodstuffs" here. No, wait, that was lunch. :-)

Anonymous said...

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