Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The tentative 2009/2010 plan

Well, here it is - so far. The tentative plan for 2009/2010 school year. I can't believe that I've got it even this much thought out so far in advance, but there is just so much going on next year that I've got to get my act together!
Ace - 7th Grade

  • Math: NEM 2
  • Grammar: ILL (continuing)

  • Literature: TBA

  • Writing: One Year Adventure Novel

  • Social Studies: American Government and Politics

  • Science: Unit Studies -

Deuce - 5th Grade

  • Math: Singapore 5A/B

  • Grammar: LLATL Orange

  • Literature: Worked into unit studies (TBA)

  • Writing: Igniting Your Writing Level 1

  • Social Studies: Unit Studies (TBA)

  • Science: Unit Studies (TBA)

Three - 2nd Grade

  • Math: Singapore 2A/B

  • Grammar: LLATL Yellow or PLL?

  • Literature: Worked into unit studies

  • Social Studies: Units Studies (TBA)

  • Science: Unit Studies (TBA)

Jack O'Hearts – Kindergarten

  • Five-in-a-Row

  • Reading: Phonics Pathways

  • Math: Games & Fun Books