Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hib Gun, Hib Out Sride

Four is very distressed.

I took the crib out of the bedroom today. She has to sleep in the big girl bed in the same room as Jack O'Hearts. She has been running around calling: "Hib Gun! Hib Gun!" "Hib Out sride." (Which translates to: Crib Gone! Crib Gone! Crib Outside!

The crib is dis-assembled and is put away in pieces in the basement. It is NOT outside; but to her anything that is gone MUST be outside. Therefore the crib is outside.

She's been outside looking for the crib all day, calling "Hib! Hib!" It still is not outside.

We'll see how tonight goes.


The Original Drama Mama said...

It is sad that I translated that without any help? Hope she manages to sleep well!

I need to go through this next spring...oh boy.

Miss A transitioned alright out of the crib, but when we moved to this house a few months later, she walked into our empty townhome and fell to the floor, crying: "It's gone! It's all gooooooone!"