Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Highschool

Planning, planning for 2012-2013 school year.  Here is the high school line-up for Ace.

Reading - High School Literature discussion group - This will be Ace's 3rd year.  They read some pretty interesting stuff.
Writing - Finishing up the Other Worlds curriculum, Ace does lots of writing anyway, having finished 2 novels, plus maintaining her blogs.  Additionally, this year Ace wants to take the AP in English Composition, and also the English Language AP.  To train for these tests, we will be using the IEW English Composition and English Language programs.
Arithmetic - NEM 3 (she's verry excited about this!!)
Science - High School Chemistry in Your Home (after finishing up biology this summer.)
History - American History 2 at the local community college. (She's taking part 2 before part 1 because she is taking it with a friend.)
Japanese Language - The Rosetta Stone Japanese Language program is going very well here.  Ace will keep on doing this, especially since I bought three years of it!
Driver's Ed. - EEK! (enough said.)
Rel. Ed. - Ace will be continuing her training as a catechist for Catechisis of the Good Shepherd, Level 1.  Plus, she'll start teaching in her own Atrium.

Yup, that will keep us busy.