Friday, October 26, 2007

A Little Healthy Competition

Deuce is a math girl. She is not, however, a pencil to paper, do the problem girl. As a result, when given a set of problems, she isn't likely to do a nice job writing the answers in a way that anyone can read them. When given a word problem, she isn't likely to write out the problem, solve the problem and answer the question. We struggle daily with this.

Well, she has friend that is about 6 months younger, and up to now, Deuce has been a little bit ahead. Well, her friend, who also uses Singapore Math - the same as us, has begun the same book that Deuce is using. I mentioned that fact to her today. Interestingly, she took a sudden interest in doing her math.

I have a feeling that this will work for us!


Summer said...

Nothing like some self motivation to get kids going. LOL

Disinterested Benevolence said...

you ever see this? its completely free. I am told it is similar to Singapore math.

Sharon said...

Wow, No, never have, this is very nice. I like the price, too. :)