Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extreme Make-Over: Bunk Bed Edition

So, let's say that you are a three-year-old boy. Let's say that you need a change in your bedroom. Maybe you're not content with having a plain pine bunk-bed. What do you think the answer is? How can you transform your bed on a budget?

The aha! moment hits - why not use crayon? It's cheap, comes in many colors, and covers well.

Here is the result of your hard work. Actually it is the result of JOH's hard work.

On a somewhat related note. Does any one know how to get crayon off of pine?


Kristen said...

i hear magic eraser works well on other surfaces, but I have no idea about pine. When my kids get crayon on my table I just use a wet washcloth and some good old elbow grease. And a few times of that eventually gets it clean. If all else fails you could sand it and re-varnish it. By the way I found your blog through the 30-day challenge.

djr said...

rocket fuel and a lighter.
trust me.