Thursday, November 1, 2007

30-Day Org. Challenge

I've decided to give the 30 day Organizational Challenge a try. Our school room is horribly disorganized. What's worse, is that with it so cluttered, the kids don't want to do their school work there, so they take it to all the other rooms, making them cluttered with school stuff as well. That sort of defeats the purpose of having a designated school space.

Here are the before pictures. The only thing giving me the courage to post them is the knowledge that next to nobody (except you, Mom) reads this blog. Brace yourself.

How do you like the jumbled bookcases?

This is my desk. Those drawers are as bad as the surface.

Here is the kids' desk and computer. It has enough junk underneath. Ironically, there are some boxes there from the last time I attempted to organize. Never used.

Well, wish me some luck.


Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

I'm just checking out all those participating in the someone besides mom is reading the! But, have no fear..I have a room just like scrapbook room that has became a military surplus store since my hubby came home from Iraq a month ago! He's gone for 2 weeks for training, so this is my goal!! Good luck with yours! The kids will love it!!

Jami said...

Wanted to wish you good luck with the challenge!

Dawn said...

Good luck with your school room. It will be so nice for your kids when it is organized. Hopefully they'll want to spend time in it.

Org Junkie said...

What a great space! Good luck with your challenge, can't wait to see it done :)

Thanks for joining in!