Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shoe shopping

Ahh... I love shoe shopping. Really, really love it. Your feet don't gain weight. You never have a "bad foot day" the way you do with hair sometimes. Feet are forgiving. You need to treat them right, and they will always be understanding.

But today, I took Ace and Deuce shoe shopping. They've been wearing their crocs constantly, even to places where I wouldn't think they'd be very normal - Church, nice restaurants, etc. So I got on their case, why the crocs all the time? Well, apparently neither one has any shoes that fit. (You're kidding, right? I just got them shoes.) But then I started to think, maybe they don't. So after determining that they do have tennis shoes, and crocs, and that's about it, I took them for new shoes.

First stop, DSW - Shoe mecca! Earlier this summer, she "graduated" from girls shoes to women's shoes. A few months ago Ace began altar serving at church and had no dress shoes (part of the uniform,) so I bought her some nice flats, size 6. She said they were too small about a month after we brought them home. Naturally I didn't believe her. So there we were. I told her to sit, and I began pulling shoes off the sale racks for her to try on. Guess what? Size 6 was too small. So was size 7. So was a 7 1/2. She is squarely in a size 8. EGADS!! I guess there really weren't any shoes in the house her size. So I got her 4 pair, a dressy, a flat, a play shoe, and a fun shoe. All the essentials.

Oh, and I got a pair for myself too.

Now for Deuce. She is a size 3. We went to three other different stores before we found any that were any good for her. What is it with the shoe companies? Girls need something more than dressy shoes with glitter and heels or sneakers. What about in-between, normal shoes? We found the holy grail over at J.C. Penneys. Not my favorite store, but you take what you can get, right?
The Holy Grail of Girls Shoes.


djr said...

gosh, and my shoe shopping only came of a pair of winter boots for slogging about the northwoods.. not sexy at all...

Angela said...
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