Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some things I will not miss

Jack of Hearts has been having a really rough day, and it's only 11:30 in the morning. Now he naps.

But BEFORE the naps, man! Was he rough!

First off, we need to have a tantrum over the pancakes he had for breakfast. He was sooo hungry, he could not wait another minute. The way he was acting, I think the only way he would have been satisfied was if I gave him batter and a spoon. Naturally, the tantrum continued when I asked his sisters to set the table, and because he wanted to put the butter on the table, but was too busy screaming to tell anyone, he ran over to the table, grabbed the butter and threw it across the room. Nice.

A couple of tantrums later - he still hasn't actually eaten anything - I put him back in his bed, telling him that he can come out when he is ready to be pleasant. About 15 minutes later he comes back into the kitchen, as sweet as can be, and begins to eat his pancake. Then another one, then mid-pancake, begins another tantrum about how he doesn't want pancakes, but instead wants a banana.

Okay, I tell him - and give him the half banana that I have sitting by my plate. Yes, he wants it. That is just what he wants, for about 30 seconds, when I am dodging a flying banana, listening to shrieks again. Back to bed he goes.

It goes like this until my mil comes to pick the kids and take them to Atrium. I tell her that JOH is not going to day. Meanwhile, he is whining about crayons, and whining about paper, and whining about his clothes, and whining about God-knows-what. The moment the girls leave, the crying begins AGAIN, and AGAIN the boy finds himself back in bed. It is 8:30 am by this time.

After a bit, he comes out, and is nice for a little while. We read some stories, the furnace guy comes to clean the furnace, and I get some of the books I pulled off the bookcases downstairs. By 10:00, however, the spell is off, and he is back to whining and crying, and driving me nuts. I put him back in bed, and this time he falls asleep. WHEW!


Here is is, getting some nap-time, another crabby day.


djr said...

the cat:
1) has no thumbs
2) cannot speak
3) does not throw tempertantrums a but of Columbian Gold won't fix...