Monday, November 5, 2007

Encouraging Motivation and Enthusiasm

While we are not unschoolers by any stretch of the imagination, we are also not structured schoolers either. I like to think that we are eclectic homeschoolers with a bit of structure, led by the student's interests, with me making sure that the bases get covered 3-R's-wise. Sometimes it does seem like we flag on interest and enthusiasm. Tammy at Just Enough, and Nothing More, shares ways to keep her kids motivated and interested in what they are learning.

Here are a few more that work for us here. When interest flags, shake it up a little. Make up a game to drill the skill, let the computer be the teacher, let one child teach another for a little different approach.

Also, we are a big fan of checklists. A checklist shows the kids what is expected of them, and when they are done. It is very gratifying to look at a list with nothing left on it, knowing you have the rest of the day to play, read, or whatever.

Also, make sure you are cutting out the busywork. How much of the schoolwork is really necessary, and how much is just work for work's sake?

What do you do to encourage enthusiasm?


Angela said...

yeah, I love the checklists mom.

djr said...

I have checklists, but the best thing I have to get things done in outer siberia is lots of hard liquor and a cat.