Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Things in Order

My friend came over to help me organize tonight. We went through a bottle of Merlot trying to get my bookcases in order. I must say, with her help, I did manage to get two crates of books off the book cases, and down into storage until we actually need them upstairs. I found some items to give away, and I found the lost yellow cuisanart rod that was missing for about a year. I also found two socks tucked behind some books. They didn't match each other.

I also moved the items that we use EVERY DAY to the middle of the cases, where I can easily access them, rather than waayyy on the end, behind the baby swing (my friend is pretty smart!!)

I've also got all the nature study things altogether in a bin for when we want to do that. (yay!)

Of course there are still some things that don't belong on the school bookshelves, like cookbooks, cross-stitch books, and things like that, and I still haven't had the courage to go through the kids' coloring books, but I think that the way things look now, the shelves will be a lot more usable, and using them will be a lot more pleasant. Next task is to tackle my desk. (ick.)