Friday, December 28, 2007

A Green (urp) Christmas

Merry Christmas, a little late. Why a little late? Well, we've been getting past a very virulent stomach virus. It all began with little 4 getting a rotovirus immunization, one featuring live cultures. Deuce then contracted the virus 2 days later (we suspect poor handwashing hygiene after changing her diaper.) The rest, you might say, is history. The virus ran through (no pun intended) Jack, the King, and me. We thought that Ace and 3 might escape, but at the last minute, Ace came down with the virus as well.

To make the matter worse, despite the fact that the kids all seemed fine, we managed to infect my mom and dad and sister, and brother-in-law with the virus as well. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!! My mom, as a person with a compromised immune system ended up in the ER. Dad and the King went along with her, while I focussed on cleaning up and laundry.

Bleaacchhh. (or perhaps bleach?)

Other than that setback, Christmas was calm, quiet and peaceful. The kids got many of the things they asked for, and were bored only moments later.

Merry Christmas.