Thursday, January 31, 2008

Curriculum Review and a UFO report

On Monday, Ace begun her new math book. We are using Singapore's New Elementary Math, Book 1. You can look at it here. Well, it's been a week and I can say, so far, so good. It is more advanced, but Ace has completed the Singapore Primary Mathematic course, so she is ready.

The toughest adjustment is that she actually has to write out the problems and solve them on notepaper, not fill in the blank in a workbook. Anyone who uses Singapore will be familiar with this if they do the Practices in the textbook. There is a workbook for NEM, but it is mainly test papers to follow up finishing a chapter or section. Not for daily work. Otherwise, I think it will be rigorous, but not too difficult. I hope the explanation in the book will be sufficient for learning the skills, though, because there are no other explanation - even the solution manual has no teaching strategy, and the teacher's manual is mainly a schedule to get it all done in a year, and solutions to the workbook. We will have to update as it goes. I asked Ace what she thought of the new math book. Here was her response:
Just kidding, I just thought that this picture was hilarious.

In other news, Three just finished her Singapore Earlybird 2B today - with flying colors!! Yaay!

Big Smiles!!

Now for the UFO report. You might remember the list of 13 UFO's I posted. Well, I've made real progress on Ace's sweater. I've finished the back, and have begun the front. Yay me! In the meantime I've also knitted a couple of hats. Pictures sometime.