Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It's late for the Organizational Challenge, but I wanted to at least post pictures of my before and after of one of the cupboards in my kitchen. The kids keep their candy there, and the ants get in every year and just make a humongous yucky mess, eating and spreading the candy around. We also keep kitchen appliances there, so as you can imagine, this cupboard was a huge pile of ick.

This is the Before picture:
Anyway, after taking everything out, wiping it all down, sorting out the useless and unwanted and broken stuff, pitching the candy we had from 3 years ago (!!!!) and making a new shelf, this is what our nightmare cupboard looks like now. I'm doing the happy dance!!

This is the After picture:
I think you can agree that this is a giant improvement. Now I'm itching to get at another one, but it is so nice outside that I think I'll go outside and play for a while.


Anonymous said...

looks like you were busy!
(I'm glad I don't have kids!)

Sharon said...

Being busy is exactly how we got all those kids. Heh-heh.

Angela said...
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