Saturday, April 19, 2008


The baby is sick. Not throwing up sick, but the runny-nose, coughing, fever, grouchy out-of-sorts, crabby sick. I was up with her all night last night, just trying to comfort the poor thing. Tylenol can only do so much. It seems like she could only sleep so long as I was willing to sit in a vertical position and hold her just so.

Today I'm dragging my tired butt around the house. Thank goodness it's Saturday, and I can let the kids play on the videogames guilt free, (like we don't have to do school work. Although we will still probably do some art - there's a homeschool art show coming up, and we have sort of let the electives slide while we focussed on the essentials. A bit like the public schools, eh?)

Speaking of art, the art book we are using is "Art Adventures in the Home." Level 2, although I think it is adaptable for multiple ages. Another one we use has the unfortunate name of "Let's Discover Crayon" but it actually covers the basics of art very well.

We've also been learning about Monet. Here is TOH's "Waterlilies" torn paper collage. It is from an Usborne art book.


Angela said...

she is throwing up stuff NOW!