Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day at the Museum

I took the family hearts (well, the kids anyway) to the Milwaukee Public Museum. We had a lot of fun! The MPM has a butterfly exhibit where the butterflies are allowed to fly around. Deuce was a butterfly magnet. She had butterflies landing on her back, her legs, even her hair. She was also the most successful at getting them to walk onto her fingers. All the kids (except the baby) did get one to walk onto their fingers. They were prepped before about not touching their wings at all, and not grabbing them or anything like that. The kids, (even Jack of Hearts) were exceptionally gentle. It helped that the butterflies were clearly used to being handled. There were quite a few that landed on me, and even the baby had some land on her, but I shooed them away before she could notice she had one on her and love it a whole bunch to death.

Other things of interest were the dinosaur exhibit (a little to real for the Jack of Hearts, though, so we pretty much ran past the T-Rex), and the native cultures exhibit from Africa, South America, and Australia. The kids also liked exploring the Streets of Old Milwaukee, and the European houses exhibits.

This is day 2 of our week away from school.